One on one Training

One on one training will include Pilates equipment, Pilates mat exercises, agility, plyometric work, and the use of kettlebell.

Sports Specific Training

Play a specific sport? See Jeanelle for sports specific training. Training will include exercises working techniques to better your form in the movements that are most specific in the sports you play.

Pilates Equipment Duet Class

The duet classes include exercises on the Reformer, tower, and springboard. These unique pieces of equipment are for all levels, using springs to provide resistance and to assist in exercises. Reformer and equipment classes are for all levels. The equipment can be used from clients ranging from beginners to athletic conditioning. There is no need to bring someone with you in the class, I will schedule the other individual in the class with you, but feel free to bring a friend to workout with!

Mommy & Me Class

Enjoy a workout with your kids! Mommy & Me classes provide an outlet for moms to workout without having to find a babysitter.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Classes

Pilates Mat Class can break a sweat, but the HIIT class will really work your cardiovascular system. The HIIT class typically has 5-6 different stations at a time. The class focuses on agility, plyometric, kettlebell exercises, and plenty of core work.

Pilates Mat Class

The Pilates mat class are floor work focusing on the Pilates classical method created by Joseph Pilates himself. The main focus of the class is the center or the core of the body. These exercises work the deepest layers of muscles within the body. These movements allow you to stabilize and strengthen around your spine, resulting in proper alignment and posture. Props such as Pilates rings, Franklin air ball, and resistance bands are used.

Prenatal Pilates Class

This specifically designed class is safe for all expecting mothers. For all expecting mothers, your body goes through many changes, ranging from hormonal to physical changes. Using specific techniques, Pilates will help keep and/or obtain flexibility, while strengthening muscles that will help during labor and delivery. Pilates during pregnancy will help the body quickly get back into shape after delivery.

Post Natal Class

Post natal classes focus on mothers wanting to get their core back into shape after birth. This class will focus on the deep abdominal muscles, specifically the pelvic floor engagement. During labor, the pelvic floor goes through much stress and gets stretched out, along with other abdominal muscles. These post natal Pilates classes will assist in regaining alignment, toning and strengthening.

Pilates for Kids Class

Pilates for kids is a fun class for kids to strengthen and jump around. The class includes ways to help the kids strengthen and stretch. As you notice, kids postures are getting weaker as sitting and electronics play a large role on society. Even reading can affect posture. Pilates can help kids regain proper alignment. Agility and a little plyometric are including to keep the kids moving and getting cardio in the class. The classes are for ages 6-13.