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About CoreFitness By Jeanelle

CoreFitness by Jeanelle was established in 2011. Our purpose is to educate individuals about the importance of the core. Regardless if you are doing Pilates, lifting weights, running, sitting, standing, the core is an important component of the body. Without a strong core, other body parts began to ache and exhibit pain. You are able to move more efficiently with a strong core, which is why it is our main focus. The services we provide are Pilates, agility and plyometric classes, foam rolling classes, prenatal and postnatal workout classes, classes for seniors, and more! Take your step to a healthier you.

How we do it?

A personal workout trainer can provide you with the motivation and knowledge you need to achieve your fitness goals. Here at CoreFitness By Jeanelle, I use my experience working in the health industry to develop personalized, effective plans for my clients. When you schedule a private fitness training session with me, I get to know you and go above and beyond to make sure you meet your fitness goals.

If you’ve tried to lose weight or get in shape for years, a personal trainer can give you the tools you need to finally get into the shape you want. Acting as a motivator, confidant, and accountability partner, I will work closely with you to keep you on track with your exercise routine and diet, providing support and encouragement when needed.

Why we do it?

Helping others achieve their health goals is my true passion, and it is my belief that a strong body starts from a strong core.


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